Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug Plan CAHPS® Survey

Comparative Data

Comparative Data

State and National Benchmarks for MA, FFS, & PDP CAHPS survey, 2023

2023 State and National Benchmarks for MA, FFS, & PDP CAHPS Survey

Medicare CAHPS Scores by State for Prior Years

Scores for reported measures were calculated from responses to the MA and FFS survey versions, and report state mean using both the original survey scale and the 0-100 scale (rounded to the nearest point). States are omitted from the table if the effective sample size is less than 350 enrollees. Reported measures include:

  • Getting Needed Care
  • Getting Appointments and Care Quickly
  • Customer Service
  • Care Coordination
  • Getting Needed Prescription Drugs (MA-PD)
  • Rating of Health Plan
  • Rating of Health Care Quality
  • Rating of Drug Plan (MA-PD)
  • Annual Flu Vaccine

2022 Medicare CAHPS Scores by State

2021 Medicare CAHPS Scores by State

2019 Medicare CAHPS Scores by State

2018 Medicare CAHPS Scores by State


MA & PDP CAHPS Current & Historic Response Rates

Detailed current and historic response rate information is available by survey mode for MA and PDP CAHPS, and overall for MA, PDP, and FFS CAHPS.

Current and Historic Overall Response Rates

Current and Historic Response Rates by Mode

For additional information on response rates, including risk of off-cycle surveys, please visit the Webcasts and Educational Resources page by clicking the link provided or the navigation button on the left.


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