Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug Plan CAHPS® Survey

Historic Data

Historic Data

CAHPS Scores by State

Click here to download a table of 2017 Medicare CAHPS scores by state. Scores for reported measures were calculated from responses to the 2017 MA-Only, MA-PD, and Medicare fee-for-service survey versions, and report state mean using both the original survey scale and the 0-100 scale (rounded to the nearest point). States are omitted from the table if the effective sample size is less than 350 beneficiaries. Reported measures include:

  • Getting Needed Care
  • Getting Appointments and Care Quickly
  • Customer Service
  • Care Coordination
  • Getting Needed Prescription Drugs (MA-PD)
  • Rating of Health Plan
  • Rating of Health Care Quality
  • Rating of Drug Plan (MA-PD)
  • Annual Flu Vaccine

MA & PDP CAHPS Current & Historic Response Rates

Please click here to download a PDF document containing detailed current and historic response rate information (overall rates, and rates by mode) for Medicare Advantage (2007 - 2017) and Prescription Drug Plan (2011 - 2017) CAHPS.

Please click here to download a PDF document containing a summary table of overall response rates for Medicare Advantage, Fee-For-Service, and Prescription Drug Plans. Please note, this file was updated on 11/22/2017 to correct an error in the previous file involving transposition of the FFS and PDP columns for years 2011 - 2016. In addition, the updated file also includes response rate data for 2017.



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